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How do I get started on CaregiversLikeUs™?

1. Register and Login — Even if you have already registered at HelpingYouCare® to post comments, you must register and login separately here on CaregiversLikeUs™ in order to participate in our Support Groups and Forums. It only takes a minute. Register and Login

2. Join a Support Group — You can join Support Groups when you register, or at the Support Groups Directory page, simply click on a Group you are interested in, and click on “Join Group.” You can join as many Support Groups as you like.

3. Join the Forum Discussion in your Support Group(s) — At Your Support Group page, Click on “Group Forum” to join the discussion. Click on any of the topics listed, and add your comments and replies. Or, click “Add Topic,” and add a new topic of discussion relevant to your Group. Be sure to add your new topic under the correct Support Group — the one to which it is relevant.

4. Propose a New Support Group — If you would like to propose that a new Support Group be formed, please e-mail the Forum Moderator or the Editor. Please be sure the words, “New Group – CaregiversLikeUs” are placed in the subject line of your e-mail, to help us find and reply to your e-mail more quickly. We will consider all requests, and may add new Groups when there appears to be enough interest in our Community to justify a new Group on such a topic.

Where do I find a list of all of the topics under discussion in my Support Group?

Click on the CaregiversLikeUs™ Group Forums tab in the top navigation menu. There you will see a clickable list of all of the topics in our Forums, and to the right of each topic, a link to the Support Group in which the topic is being discussed.

Click on a Support Group, to see the Group descciption and a list of all of the topics currently under discussion in that Support Group. Click on any topic, to join the discussion.

How do I add a New Topic to the Forum Discussion in my Group?

First go to your Support Group. You can get there via the link in the top or side menu bar to CaregiversLikeUs™ Support Groups, or via the link in the menu bar to CaregiversLikeUs™ Group Forums. Then click on your Group.

At your Support Group, Click on “Forum” or “Group Forum.” Then you will see a yellow button for “New Topic.”

Can I change my password?

Yes. Go to your Profile, click on “Settings,” enter your new password, and click “Save Changes”

Where do I find my Profile?

After you login, you will see a link to “Profile” under the Welcome [your screen name] message, on the CaregiversLikeUs™ Home page.

You can also find it by clicking on the link in the top or left side menu bar to CaregiversLikeUs™ Members Directory. Then click on your screen name.

I see my age group listed in my Profile. Will other users see my age group?

No. In registering you were asked to indicate your age group, but this part of your profile is visible only to you. Other users cannot see your age group, and you cannot see theirs.

Can I post links in my Forum posts?

No. Links are not allowed or possible in Forum posts. This is necessary in order to keep our Forums free of spam, and not encourage spammers who otherwise unfortunately may post unrelated or unacceptable content just to leave a link to their websites. We want to maintain a Forum of good quality which will serve our Caregiving Community — not spammers.

Are there Rules & Legal Terms that I must comply with when participating in CaregiversLikeUs™?


By registering, logging in, or accessing this Site, you agree to our Legal Terms & Conditions, including our Terms of Use, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, Editorial Policy, and Advertising Service Agreement (if you are an advertiser or potential advertiser on the site or on HelpingYouCare®), and you represent and warrant that you have read and understood them. Please read them carefully.

If I have a question that is not answered above, how can I get further help?

You can e-mail us at

Please be sure the words, “Help – CaregiversLikeUs” appear in the subject line of your e-mail, to help us find and reply to your e-mail more quickly.

Thank you for your participation and contributions to CaregiversLikeUs™ !

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